Page Speed Optimization

Not satisfied with the performance of your website? By minimizing code and asynchronous loading of scripts, we ensure a fast browsing experience. With the help of lazyloading, image optimization and professional tools like Searchconsole we get the maximum out of your website.
Page Speed Optimierung
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Our project services

As a certified Shopify agency with more than 689 completed projects within the last 4 years, our international team of Shopify experts works hand in hand with you. So we accompany you and your team with a holistic view to success. So far, our work has generated more than 30 million euros in additional revenue for our clients.

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Performance analysis

In the first step, we analyze the current performance of your website and determine your desired goals. For this purpose, we use a variety of professional analysis tools to create a clear before and after picture. Based on this, we can also show an improvement at the end.

Relevance analysis

To improve the performance of your website, analyze your website including images, apps, code, scripts etc. This way we create an internal list of priorities to revise them step by step. Together with you, we evaluate the features in your Shopify store and clarify which ones cause major delays and which ones could possibly be removed or modified.

Performance development

Based on the relevance analysis, all tasks are processed one by one to increase the performance sustainably. Minimizing JS code, lazy loading, custom programming instead of apps, etc. If there are tasks on content level that you can do internally, we will come to you. usually it is images that should be adjusted.

Performance Report

The last step is the joint evaluation of the optimizations. We check how the performance of your website has developed and which tasks have been implemented. This allows you to transparently track which measures have been taken. You can be sure that we will get everything out of your website that is possible.

What sets our Shopify stores apart

Page Speed Optimierung

+30 % Ø increase in conversion rate

Through our years of experience, we optimize every last detail to increase conversion rates.

Page Speed Optimierung

+58% ø higher shopping cart value

Upsells and cross-sells as well as optimized product displays ensure a higher shopping cart value.

Page Speed Optimierung

+18% ø more organic traffic

Long-term on-page SEO strategy ensures independence from Google and meta advertising & provide a cost-effective source of customers.

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This is how a page speed optimization of your website works with us:

Our process has proven itself over a multitude of projects and gives us the confidence to complete your project reliably and quickly.

Our projects

If you'd like to learn more about our work, here's a look at our past projects. Many of our customers are also available for a short exchange. So you can see for yourself.

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